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i'm Kolzar/Dapbuns/Shi and sometimes I draw stuff. But here i just reblog shit and talk about how much i suck

sciencetodo replied to your post: my vent art is pretty weird

How are you holding up? D:

it’s a mix actually

I’m fine, much better than the previous days and not suicidal. My parents have been very concerned and caring as well and we’ve been watching films and stuff. It’s nice.

Still my problem hasn’t gone away and I’m still convinced of all the depressing bullshit in my head and I feel a little trapped. I really wanted to go out to get some fresh air and maybe a cat (MYPARENTSARETHINKINGOFGIVINGMEAKITTENSOICAN’TBESAD) but my dad didn’t feel like it. According to mom he’s in a similar situation but he’s a little worse since he drinks too. Seeing my dad a little down doesn’t help much either.

It’s been harder to approach and talk to anyone today tho. It’s just that I feel like a shitty person for bothering anyone at the moment, especially now that I’m completely this ball of lazy useless. To top it all, more artblock. Drawing has been really unnatural.

Kid’s Bug Pokemon Song



Look at this thing
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my team is complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm the bug
The bug who has ev'rything?
Look at this 'mon
TMs untaught
How many wonders can one pokemon hold?
Lookin' around here you'd think
(Sure) he's got everything

I've got joltiks and spinaraks aplenty
I've got beedrills and ariados galore
(You want more joltiks?
I got twenty)
But who cares?
No big deal
I want more

my life in song

I want to be… where the buggies are

the notes

on the Grunkle Stan drawing



my cousin just told me that old people have saggy skin because they are slowly being pulled down to the underworld oh my god



I’m surrounded by such amazing artists and I’m here like

so I kind of forgot how to draw


A piece of wisdom for artists

Even if you lack skill to draw something, just freakin draw it

No, no no no no arguments

Look at this abridged-for-post scene from chapter 45 of Yotsuba&!, in which they make a cake

It’s terrible, an abomination, a sin against…

ericthetalkingdog replied to your post: yay

Pics omg :0

I WILL show over skype  maybe but post it no

but only later folks

no webcam here

(god short hair is so wonderful)


so good to have short hair again




What ingredients does it take to make you? 

Oats is made of beer, pearls, and dullness. With a dash of the 50s.

Mandie is made of pancakes, tree bark, and gullibility. With a dash of Billy Joel.

Caeli is made of strawberries, acid, and Science. With a dash of Picasso.


red-hime is made of daggers, energy, and sunlight. With a dash of Van Gogh.

Yasmin is made of ice, erasers, and genius. With a dash of Muppets.


Shitota is made of Gospel, memes, and starlight. With a dash of hentai.


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*hugs Shi* Ahhhhh ;A; I love you…


body you are weird




body you are weird


I stumbled upon a website that allows you to blend any colors evenly no matter how opposite on the spectrum they are.

sharing the knowledge

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