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pumkin you found my weakness I love answering questions but my questions will probably be dumb. Also, I’m gonna answer with pics cause that’s fun

  • What song are you currently obsessed with?

I’ve been getting headaches lately so I haven’t been hearing so much and I’m trying to find different music too. But there’s one that really got to me.

Tropicalea Jacta Est by the crazy genius above, Tom Zé. He’s really weird and fun.

  • If you could befriend one fictional character, who would it be, and why?

I stayed some long minutes on this question and skipped it 423u423587239 times cause there’s a lot of doods I want to be friends with.  DUDE THIS IS HARD I’M GONNA BE SHORT WITH IT AND SAY KERMIT THE FROG BECAUSE IT’S NOT A COOKIE

  • What do use to listen to music (program-wise)?

Windows Media Player :B I had iTunes for a while but then I did some major cleaning up and took it out since I wasn’t using it. Sometimes I think looking for a new one but I forget.

  • Do you like light or dark shades of colors? What about dull or vibrant colors?

COLOURS ARE DELICIOUS. I love every colour except bright-ass pink. Taking that in mind I’d say I like darker colours, and vibrant ones, but all the other colours are beautiful.

  • What is one embarrassing thing you hope you never do?

Lots of things embarass me and lots of things don’t. Public ones are more embarassing so I guess I’ll go with the never get naked in public.

  • What is your usual morning routine?

It depends. During school period I wake up 4-5 am get ready eat breakfast and go to school. When not on school time I do whatever when I do manage to wake up cause my back hurts like hell.

  • What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Would you/do you still watch it today?

LITTLE BEAR aka my childhood if I was bear except the part where he has friends.

Best thing of my childhood that literally gives me nostalgia tears when I watch it. No kidding. Watching this makes me so happy that I cry. And yes I’d watch it. I have the old VHS we used to record the episodes, they’re each almost 2 hours long.

  • Your teacher gives you the choice between doing a difficult creative assignment or writing an essay. Which would you choose?

Probably the difficult creative assignment because well, I get to come up with things. But I also get along fairly well with essays, so it’d depend on how much time I got.

  • What are some of your favorite words?

English isn’t my main language so it’s hard to develop a taste for specific words, but I like Indeed, Suppose, Potato and Tomato. Also Marvelous.

  • What kind of animation do you prefer (2D, 3D, stop-motion, etc.)?

WELP YOU GOT ME. This is going to be hard because animation is so fucking beautiful in all forms when well done. But I guess I’ll have to admit I have this huge crush on handmade, traditional 2D animation. Like in the old cartoons and films, I guess they stayed strong on me along with the distant dream of possibly working on animation one day.

  • Describe yourself with lyrics from a song.

oh god here it comes. I refuse to post them, but I’m gonna link you to them. Cause I’m gonna give whoever’s reading this two options, both by Goyte:

smoke and mirrors (click if you’re seriously willing to deal with a lot of crap, but not if you’re in a particularly good mood, cause it’ll ruin it)

easy way out (click if you’re ok)


  1. What’s your favourite childhood toy and do you still have it? If not, what happened to it?
  2. What do you like best about films, or about watching them anyway?
  3. What kind of monsters and fairytales you used to believe in and what was the one that stuck the most with you before you “grew up” (unless you still believe in it)?
  4. What’s the worst food you could ever imagine?
  5. What’s your ideal pet? (fantasy allowed)
  6. Have you ever been to any place considered to be haunted, or would you like to go to some place like that?
  7. What’s your favourite band/musician of all time and why is their music so damn good?
  8. List one object that doesn’t exist that would solve a good amount of your your problems.
  9. What was the last book you read and what was the best and the worst thing about it?
  10. What’s that one skill you wished you had but you don’t?
  11. Do you still have faith in humanity?

The victims are: bechnokid, heavenseveneleven, bloodylouas, madame-clockwork, red-hime, yessu, peabug, stillsciencetodo, wemarchalone, ericthetalkingdog, sarahfu

if any of you guys have time to waste of course

this was fun


muah muah kissus

Darcy and Murdock are too cute omg


best bestie out there, everyone go home

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