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the robuts play a nice, friendly game of rock, paper, scissors.
(their dvd is beautiful go buy it

Rabbit behave! XD

gerrrrrr back on my blog

“And then, I was declared Master of the Universe… and The Jon wasn’t.”

Also, they really seem to enjoy beating on The Jon.

Spine’s face in the first image is killing me




Recycled Animals by Edouard Martinet

Gathering material from flea markets and garage sales, Edward meticulously solders together the scrap from typewriters, kitchen utensils, and car parts like pieces in a 3D animal puzzle. The outcome look just as real as they do synthetic, a prelude to cybernetic fauna that will surely one day rule us all once we’ve imbued them with  metallic hearts.

Artist: website (via: lostateminor)


dat mantis