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I’m the strongest there is.

This is fucking amazing.

I had to take a momment. this has to be one oh the all-time greatest momments in the Hulk History


FINALLY! jesus, i’ve been waiting for this day. This is why Banner will always be stronger than the Hulk, because he can keep it inside, controlling something so big, his emotions, HIS emotions and always endure and try to do this best never to go to far and hurt people that don’t deserve it. That’s why Banner will always be my hero, not just Hulk, because there’s always going to be two halfs of them and who else to stand beside him but a good man, a strong man, with stronger morals. Thank you Marvel!

I love Bruce Banner /w\


that art that dialogue that emotion

jesus crust

This is eeriely unsettling…probably because this could be me and Kilo Monster, except I am not yet to the level of Bruce Banner.

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