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damn kids


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Sajihdi being a creep looking at Dash’s dreams

got lazy and put subs on it :P

*freaks people away*

Munna are Dream Eater Pokémon

That definition creeps me a little

So thanks to that, in my mind, Sajihdi can see people dreams, enter in them and eat them (the dreams)

and I wanted to see how dream eating looked like

so have a silly creepy lazy doodle

btw I forgot to mention but his design is inspired by Bec’s Munna :)

Going to post already because I’m not sure whether I’ll finish this :(

I loved this pic so much but.. I got tired of it

this is my real pokémon team, from my Pokémon White game

in the game they’re kinda doomed because I’m almost out of money and I can’t go through Lenora even though I tried like 5 times D:< And since I love how they look like I’m drawing them anyway

I’m going to write a bit about them:

Team Union


Careful nature; He’s the team leader, the strongest and nicest of them. Very smart and hype, often tries to be the first to solve problems and win battles.


Very curious, often gets the team in problems. He loves playing pranks on absolutely everyone, also he likes to sneak into people’s beds when they’re sleeping to see what they’re dreaming about (or perhaps invade the dream and create hammock)


The team’s lil bro, he’s the weakest and often fails in the battles. But despise that he’s mentally strong, and almost nothing can make him change his mind after he’s decided. He also dislikes receiving help (although he always needs it)


The only cool-headed one in the group, he doesn’t pay much attention to anything or anyone. He isn’t too interested in battles either. He’s just chill and stay on his way thinking about things staring at nothing. The only way yo make him flip is to hit his weak points (his interest in cute fluffy things - which ruins his cool status XP -)


Being the only girl of the team, she’s rather undepreciated by the rest (read ‘man pride’). She’s very boy-like and often saves the day after everyone is beaten up. She’s the ‘last hope’ and likes to pick on the boys about how strong she is compared to them. She also loves fighting and may do things without much thinking.


Very rash and hot-headed, doesn’t think twice before acting. Along with Castillo, he’s one of the strongest of the group, and even if he’s rather rude (he doesn’t really think about what he says) he loves his partners as they are his ‘lil bros’ and nobody hurts them without getting punished. Unless it’s Georgina who’s getting picked on.