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i'm Kolzar/Dapbuns/Shi and sometimes I draw stuff. But here i just reblog shit and talk about how much i suck


Ukiyo-e Heroes (浮世絵ヒーロー)

Mario and Luigi suggested by heavenseveneleven

I requested them to her and she said I should draw them too

and this is me trying to be less boring with my doodles

flipping my crap

click for full size

I’m still shocked with my real life stuff someone calm me down


Shitota’s request from the other day.  I didn’t get her message till later. I actually had a lot of fun drawing these two.


I’m glad you had fun! They look so awesome 8D



Super Mario Genderswaps! This was a super fun design challenge, and I’m pretty pleased with how they all turned out — especially Luigi. My favourite thing is how Waluigi just looks the usual design, but in drag.

Dig it.