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More concept art and mechanical designs by Brandon Cuellar.

From left to right:

1.  Mutt (Halloween paint job)

2.  Red’s Kane Co. Craft

3.  Junior’s Car (weaponized)

4.  Foxy’s Car (weaponized)

Thieves in Time by Paul Sullivan [x]

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Concept art for Coraline by Stef Choi


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Flynn Rider Concept Art by Glen Keane

Do not browse the Glen Keane tumblr tag unless you want to be rendered speechless by the sheer POWER AND MIGHT of his sketches.

GLEN KEANE /foams at mouth

Fairly sure these are by Jin Kim? They have very similar styles, I think Glen Keane is a bit more flowy though.

A lot of these drawings were actually done by Jin Kim! (the facial expressions chart, and a few of the standing poses) All gorgeous work, all masterfully executed. The guys are geniuses.

thanks for the credit before I had to reblog with it. REBLOGGING ANYWAY

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La Luna concept art


Batman: Arkham City. Catwoman Render and colorings.


Final Fantasy X. Ronso Tribe, Al Bhed and Forest Musician Designs.


more Samurai Jack background art by Scott Willis

yes this is good

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