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couple of (rather dramatic) headshots from some of my gijinkas for a profile thingie


Bryce’s dad is a ruthless man in control of a whole country, but his bitterness comes partially from the critical state of his son’s health. Worried about him being unable to discover the world by himself, he ‘hired’(arrested and maybe killed one or two of his friends) a painter that could depict a beautiful world he would never live. Art is said painter(smeargle gijink.) and he used to be part of the opposition. He is now forced to babysit the son of his greatest enemy.

They started out very bad, Bryce being frightened by Art’s presence because his dad had told him that all outsiders were filthy and filled with sickness, and Art had all the reasons in the world to hate Bryce, being very rude to him. However, with time he started to feel emphatic to the cubchoo’s situation and now tries to be slightly nicer to him, while filling his imagination with lively stories about the outside world.


Won’t you open for me
The door to your ice world
To your white desert

Thanks to his family’s extent amount cash Bryce is able to stay alive by means of many vaccines and an inhaler and world isolation. His immunity system is incredibly weak since he was born, making him susceptible to many illness and they could easily get him killed.

But he’s mostly vulnerable to flu because virus mutate constantly, making it hard to make vaccines for every mutation so quickly. Thus, he always has flu.