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Music Meister is officially one of the cutest Batman villains




yesterday I finished watching Batman: The Brave and The Bold, and I can say it’s a wonderful show and I wanna draw all the adorable characters ever sdklgjsdl

then I doodled this. Black Manta as Black Manta (uguu~), Equinox with a jacket on because I got tired of seeing men in tight clothing and one thing I’ve been wanting to draw for a while now: Temple Fugate, the Clock King from the Animated Series with a more ‘royal’ feeling to him, borrowed from Brave and the Bold’s Clock King, with less green and fabulous and more red and brown. Temple is also younger here, which is something I’ve been meaning to add to him: his obsession with time and clocks are due to a paranoia, the fear of getting old and dying. He would be around his 30s here but looks older due to all the stress (he’s got nothing after he lost the case thanks to the mayor’s advice remember?). Also he couldn’t afford a golden crown so he just got a copper one instead.


Plas: 4 ever adorkable.

(From Batman: The Brave And The Bold #13)