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the days I manage to come online I don’t find the people I want online


Claire’s outfit in the Julie and the Amazons episode was adorable can she stay that way forever


“You’re a smart one, your Highness. But peeking into a captain’s quarters when he’s improperly dressed? C’mon, that silly dark prince act is no excuse for having a little class. Now… double-time.”

Septimus vs. Shakespeare (Good ending)


Mega Man 2 ‘Dr Wily’
For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro

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Really, guys. For once, can’t you accept that maybe there are some mysteries that have no rational explanation?

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After almost a year of developing, Monsterkind has finally launched!

Monsterkind is a story about humans and monsters living in a city ruled by segregation and inequality. Monsters are treated as second class citizens, and are not allowed in certain areas of the city- especially those inhabited by wealthier humans.

Wallace Foster is a human who has just been transferred into District C of Fairway City. He has never lived among monsters until now, but he’s quickly realizing that they aren’t as bad as everyone has made them out to be.

Change and progression have never come easy in this backwards city, but perhaps Wallace can help close the gap between human and monsterkind and bring the two together in harmony. He’ll at least try.

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Monsterkind will update twice a week every Tuesday and Friday.

There are five new pages up on the site! Huge thanks to Fugiman for designing the site, and George for assisting me with hosting and set up. You guys are great! I can’t express how thankful and excited I am to finally get this running.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me so far- to all of the wonderful and nice messages I have received, and to all of the lovely fanart you guys have drawn for me. It’s extremely surreal to be sitting here releasing the comic to the public after a year of conceptualizing. I hope you guys will enjoy the ride as much as I have enjoyed being able to create this story.


Batman the Brave and the Bold is actually really sweet