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Did you notice these….?

Coraline fact 1:At the end of the movie, the clouds moving away from the moon are in the shapes of the Other Mother’s hands. 
Coraline fact 2: 
When Coraline suggests to the Other Mother that they play hide and seek during her first visit, the lightning outside of the window briefly takes the shape of the Other Mother’s hand as do the tree branches on the downed log when Coraline first apologizes to the cat for calling him a “wuss puss.” (Coraline fact 3)
Coraline Fact 4: At the end of the movie as the camera zooms out from everyone in the garden we can see the landscaping resembles “Other” Mother’s true face as opposed to Coraline’s like it was in the “other” world. 

(Source: disneyyandmore)