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Concept art for Coraline by Stef Choi


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Animation Fun Facts! for Coraline (2009) [source]

  • We see three silhouettes before her Other parents mention the buttons. They represent the three ghost children when they were alive.
  • Originally Coraline was going to be a musical featuring songs from They Might Be Giants, after switching to a darker tone only one song was kept “The Other Father Song.” They said they plan on releasing the songs with other albums and have released one already “Careful What You Pack.”
  • It’s said that the town used in Coraline is Ashland, Oregon as the film takes place in Oregon and we see signs for The Oregon Shakespeare Festival which takes place there.

It’s official

Oregon is the most mystery packed state, and is probably referenced in a lot of mystery books and movies.

^i can confirm that statement

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Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Films   

[9] . Coraline (2009)

A horror movie for kids done in stop-motion? Uhm, yes, and yes. Everything about this movie is right up my alley. Plus, I find this movie wonderfully mature for what it is. It’s got a bunch of these quiet, subtle, even thoughtful moments that do so much for the overall atmosphere, which is for sure one of it’s many strong points. The imagery is absolutely amazing, ranging from beautiful to bizarre to downright creepy, and this movie owns all of it. Try to find someone who doesn’t think of this movie when they see button eyes on anything. 

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