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i'm Kolzar/Dapbuns/Shi and sometimes I draw stuff. But here i just reblog shit and talk about how much i suck


so uh i wrote + drew a really silly short story about some ocs. clickthrough the picture or here to read it, if you’d like!


This guy dressed as No-Face and gave away ‘gold’ in the form of chocolates!

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The Weird Adventures of Tintin by Muzski


I-I want it ;A;

An unusual trio.

Their name is Balu, Leo, and, of course, Shere Khan. Interspecies friendship between the three deadly predators started when all of them were two months old. Previously, they lived with drug lords, as a symbol of power and social status. Then, during a police raid, they confiscated and placed in a zoo. Eight years have passed, a chorus of merry trio live in a shelter for animals of Locust Grove (USA, Georgia) and behaves like brothers. Eat, play and sleep together in the general house. Balu now weighs 450 kg, and Leo Sher Khan - to 160 kg. / click for more



Denbigh is another abandoned asylum in England. It was built in the mid to late 1840s and closed for good in 1995. The land owner has left the building to decay.


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Tintin: Don’t you get it? We failed.

Haddock: Failed? There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure. A fool. A loser. A hopeless souse. Don’t you ever say it of yourself. You send out the wrong signal, that is what people pick up. Don’t you understand? You care about something, you fight for it. You hit a wall, you push through it. There’s something you need to know about failure, Tintin. You can never let it defeat you.

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