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small motorcity ideas and questions from the new halloween episode

spoilers from Mayhem Night, kind of theories and questions

which is holyfuckingshitgreatestthingever and it got me thinking a lot on the burners. We didn’t get to see Dutch and Chuck’s fears which is a huge shame ;m; but on the burners we got they provided plenty of material

starting with Texas

It’s kind of obvious that the man-eating candy comes from the fact he was having another candy overdose and it was for the sake of humour, after all Texas isn’t afraid of actual candy. The main thing isn’t even being eaten alive, because it’s something anyone with sense would fear. So what I think it’s that the fear gas effect took a slightly different route after he swallowed the whole bomb along with the sugar, making it much harder to filter what is Texas actually afraid of.

I find it very curious that Jacob turns up during the hallucianations. He was the one that told Texas about the candy in first place, but we know Texas isn’t afraid of him, or of his terrible cooking (like most people). I have a small idea about all the hallucinations. Texas tends to put himself above other people, thinks he’s the greatest. But then tiny little candy become too big to eat and starting eating him instead. Maybe he’s afraid of being dominated by those he considers to be smaller than him. Just an uncomplete thought.

Then you have poor Julie. She really makes me thing what hell it must be to be afraid of your own father. I noticed she only calls him dad when she’s speaking directly to him, which must come from many reasons: Her dad is an important person and she’s probably more used with hearing Kane everywhere. Thanks to her double life she has to refrain referring to him as dad anyway. But I think she doesn’t see him much of a father? She knows the terrible things he’s done to everyone around her.

She probably knows the consequences for betrayal as well. I thought of the possibilty of the skulls representing death, possibly of someone close or ever her own mother. We don’t know who she is, where is she or whether she’s even alive! Kane is reckless, ambitious, and even thought he treats his daughter all and stuff, we don’t get to see if he thinks so dearly of her when we’re not looking. There is the possibility of the daughter being just like her mother. Maybe mommy was against what Kane was doing and came to a point where she tried to face him? Or even scheme something to bring him down. And Jules either saw it, or knew it somehow. So she’s not only afraid of being discovered, letting her father down, but also of what’s going to happen after that.

And finally there’s Mike. Here we have a combo where Mike still carries the guilt of being part of Kane’s ideal and the fear of becoming his little robot again. What do the hallucinations make him see? Deluxe. Many and many copies of himself with green eyes and wicked smiles. He’s the monster. We don’t see Kane, we see Mike being just like Kane. Mike protects Motorcity not only because that’s the right thing for him to do, but also to never become what he used to be. But then there’s this?

you can see it running and laughing in his hallucinations, but I have no idea what or who it is? Something tells me it’s not just a filler figure. Neither of the hallucinations showed things just for the shits and giggles. Texas sees Jacob, Julie sees skulls and Mike sees this. But what is it? Is it something I don’t remember from the previous episodes, or the foreshadowing for something new? If anyone knows how to answer that I’d be so glad ;w;

oh also the ladybug

I never thought of Jules and ladybugs before but they make quite a match. Does anyone think it was a random ‘just cause it fits’ thing or it has a meaning?