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I really wish I could understand my ‘phobia’

starting by finding out whether it’s a real thing or not

It’s kind of like I have a weak version of trypophobia? I don’t panic everytime I see a hole or something, but I see like, a whole group of them squished together and stuff (something like a beehive except they’re ROUND and DARK and DISGUSTING and sometimes there’s weird stuff inside and they’re not really regular???) I get really uneasy sometimes? Kind of curl myself in my chair and close my eyes hoping it’ll go away from me or something uuhughh thinking about it is kind of blargh too, but I dunno if it can actually be classified as a phobia? It is an irrational fear, but it has never given me panic attacks?

  1. ericthetalkingdog said: You’re not alone. That shit is unnerving uuuugh.
  2. madame-clockwork answered: I would call it a phobia. I’m freaked out of needles and bloodwithdrawal, but I don’t get panic attacks. I squirm around…& fainted once. XD
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