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I was reading Batman vault and died when I read that Catwoman had a little sis that actually became a nun (tiny letters cause photo mode has no read more cuts)

I kind of imagined Maggie and Selina working their way through life, while she tried her best to keep her little sis out of thefth, prostitution etc. She actually became involved in these stuff to sustain her, while training her body and mind to commit better and better crimes without having to hurt anyone. She would sometimes snap out of stress, but the thought of one day becoming rich and having an easy life always calmed her down and made her focus. She would slowly become wealthy through scams and such, while doing her best to keep Maggie safe from her dangerous life. Just to see end up seeing her become a nun.

Sister Margaret had her own way of dealing with the stressful environment: Religion. There she found some comfort, even if her older sister said it was bullshit. She felt a need to pull people out of misery she had also been through, becoming an activist in Crime Alley along with Leslie Tompkins. She is quite liberal for a nun! And although she disagrees with Selina’s methods, they’re still quite tight but rarely see eachother. Selina donates to her small charity foundation every month (with stolen money of course).

Selina once saw out of her window the shadow of a big bat and was inspired by him. She dressed like a cat, which was the animal she was most connnected with, and set out to steal. The loot keeps her wealth alive and brings excitement to her life. She takes pleasure in seducing Batman and leaving him as suddenly as she arrived. Whether her romantic feelings are true or not it’s a mystery.

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