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sciencetodo replied to your post: my vent art is pretty weird

How are you holding up? D:

it’s a mix actually

I’m fine, much better than the previous days and not suicidal. My parents have been very concerned and caring as well and we’ve been watching films and stuff. It’s nice.

Still my problem hasn’t gone away and I’m still convinced of all the depressing bullshit in my head and I feel a little trapped. I really wanted to go out to get some fresh air and maybe a cat (MYPARENTSARETHINKINGOFGIVINGMEAKITTENSOICAN’TBESAD) but my dad didn’t feel like it. According to mom he’s in a similar situation but he’s a little worse since he drinks too. Seeing my dad a little down doesn’t help much either.

It’s been harder to approach and talk to anyone today tho. It’s just that I feel like a shitty person for bothering anyone at the moment, especially now that I’m completely this ball of lazy useless. To top it all, more artblock. Drawing has been really unnatural.

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