Dap the Cat
❝ It's like magic, but its always been a smoke and mirrors game ❞
i'm Kolzar/Dapbuns/Shi and sometimes I draw stuff. But here i just reblog shit and talk about how much i suck
updates on life although life isn’t something I have anyway

caught in motorcity shipping hell and I don’t think I’m getting out until doing a load of fanart which is a dangerous thing because I keep switching from creative to artblocked all the time

also apparently creating a good sibling bond between me and my sis? As amazing as it sounds. Probably due to me getting to a critic state of loneliness

also someone I’ve been waiting for weeks to show up has finally given signs of life and if that’s how the wills of the universe want I may be able to go back to my psychologist and talk these issues that had me sinking in this depression for a while out. I don’t want it to come back the way it did again

what do you do when you kind of wished you were talking to the friends you love but you don’t want to bother them with your existence?

tl;dr I am a shitty person and art will probably be shitty too as well as behaviour. Everything as shitty as the other shitty shits