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i'm Kolzar/Dapbuns/Shi and sometimes I draw stuff. But here i just reblog shit and talk about how much i suck

haxorus’ design is insane man

Mahli is your fierceless, cold-blooded killer. Fighting only with a double axe on his mouth, he can take down any foe. Mostly an assassin for hire, he enjoys having people make up new tremedous stories about how he lost his arms in great battles… except he didn’t lose his arms at all! Mahli was born in a little village of warriors, but instead of having healthy strong arms like his father he had meeky, thin and weak little arms. This was a dishonor to his family and he was abandoned after some years when it became obvious his arms wouldn’t grow properly. Ashamed and revolted he tied his arms together and made sure they were well hidden and then procceeded to train with every fighting and assassination master he found, putting himself under survival circumstances and sharpening his skills until he became the greatest.

Maybe one day he’ll learn to value what he has, but until then he madly searches for a surgeon to cut his arms off and an expert in prosthesis.